Saturday, April 18, 2009


Finally! Spring has sprung! Today it got up to 76 degrees. It was absolutely gorgeous. This morning, we spent some time cleaning up the churchyard. They were supposed to have childcare, so we took W with us, but the care provider was sick, so I basically watched W play while Mike worked on cleaning up the bushes along the road. After that, we headed up to Hopewell for the Green Market at their old train depot. W got to pet alpacas, chickens and baby ducks. He got to try out a tumbling apparatus that was sponsored by a local gym for kids. We ate delicious wood-fired pizza from the traveling wood-fired pizza kitchen (believe it!). After wonderful naps this afternoon, we prepared some delicious food to grill. Our neighbors Ethel and Matt are coming over to grill, so I'm out for now.
Oh, and I'm recovering from bronchitis. But I'm doing much better. At least my voice is back.

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