Thursday, May 1, 2008

A not-so-small miracle

I think we've found ourselves an honest mechanic here in NJ. On Monday night, Mike hooked the Camry up to one of those diagnostic doo-hickies (our neighbor had one!!) and it spit out a little code that said what was wrong with the car. We passed along that info to my dad who works out with a guy who owns a fix-it place in Pearl. Keith, my dad's buddy, said it had something to do with the exhaust and told us how much he would charge for labor and parts, advising us that it might be a bit higher in NJ, but that if we were leery of them, to put them on the phone with "Uncle Keith". So Mike asked around at work and a guy who lives near us recommended Bob's Auto Service. So we took the car to Bob yesterday morning. Bob called this morning and said that everything seemed fine on the car, that it might be something that would need to be fixed in the near-future, but that we were fine for now and it wasn't a big deal. We picked up the car a few minutes ago, and to our pleasant surprise, were not charged a dime! Now, we don't know for sure if Bob does good work or not, since we didn't have anything fixed, but the fact that he didn't charge us for what he did do bodes well for him.

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Mark Smith said...

There are a few of them like that around. The trick is to ask others in the area - they know who the good ones are.

I had a 1990 Dodge Shadow (this was about 1995) that would just up and die on the road, and then 3 minutes later would be fine. The shop had my car for 3 days and couldn't make it happen. No charge.

When they finally made it happen, they only charged me the cost of the part (distributor tachometer) because of all the hassle.

You can bet they got my business again.

(I don't recommend them now - they've had management changes and can't be trusted anymore.)